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Clear-Fusion™ V  

By Diamon-Fusion ®

An amazing new glass protection product...

DFI, the maker of the patented Diamond-Fusion coating,

proudly introduces Clear-Fusion™V , the best do it yourself coating for glass.

The Glass Protector comes on a pre-moistened towelette,individually packaged that covers up to 14 square feet. Clear-Fusion™ V applies in one easy step to create a nanotechnology-like protective seal that will provide superior water and stain resistance, dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance needed to clean surfaces and offers scratch resistance as well.  Excellent for table tops, mirrors, shower doors, shower enclosures,windshields, sinks, porcelain, granite, and  other glass-like surfaces.



Product   Price
Glass Protection Product ,Each Order Has 10 Packs  
Orig. Price: $198.50
Sale Price: $149.99
Glass Protection Product ,Each Order Has 5 Packs  
Orig. Price: $109.50
Sale Price: $85.50
Glass Protection Product ,Each Order Has 1 Pack  
Orig. Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.98



If you have a surface in need of removing light to moderate stains on glass and most silica-based surfaces you would use the Restoration Powder in the DFI diy it yourself kit. For any other remaing stains not removed by the Restoration Powder , Clean the surface with the Glass Resue™ also in the DFI Diy Surface Protection Kit effectively removing old coatings on glass and other silica-based surfaces.Then apply the Clear-Fusion™V   protecting surface coating on a variety of surfaces from glass surface , porcelain surfaces ,tile surface, granite and quarts surfaces.

                       Get A DIY Kit Surface Protection online                        

Diamon-Fusion® Diy Surface Protection Kit. 


While DFI’s patented protective coatings are designed to be long-lasting, occasional maintenance will go a long way towards ensuring the coating performs the way it should for years and years. With this in mind, DFI has created the DFI Consumer Maintenance Kit to help maintain your Diamon-Fusion® (or other DFI coating) treated surface. 

Diamon Fusion Consumer Maintenance Kit online  

Diamon-Fusion Consumer Maintenance Kit



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