From The President of ABV Glass & Mirror ,



From The President of ABV Glass & Mirror:   Working For The Best.

Thank You Danya For Everything you have done to make A Better View Glass and Mirror # 1 online and our local Va area.


From The President :

" I Want My Mom Proud "  

    Just a little a about me:   I was brought up by my Mom and the very Special Person I owe the Whole World to for showing that a little extra goes a long way.  She taught me the next day IS what we live for. This instilled in me values.

     If you want something find the best value. Do

you know what you are getting in your price? Is it Value or just something for

you to fix later? I only ask because I have replaced those "fix later" jobs. Not

what I like to do, but we are here for you. Get a price and share it with me, I  will give  you my very best in return. I'll  take the  extra step and give you A BETTER VIEW.      I want you to have A Better View. 

Danya L. Rosales is the ROCK ahead of A Better View Glass and Mirror !

 I Know A Better View Glass & Mirror offers the very best product available

and every job comes with a complete warranty installed from Us at

A Better View Glass and Mirror. I'm involved in every job and work very hard to make sure your very happy with us. If you can think

of any way we can serve you better 

Contact Me at

 I Believe in doing every thing right the first time around, When We do come

 back it will be because You have another project for Us to complete to your

ideas or specs. Depending on the job, some jobs take more than the one trip       

to give You A Better View. How ever long it takes to make sure We don't cut

corners or hide the indifference on which I personally know goes on daily in

the glass field because of lack of knowledge. I personally feel if We did not win

a bid online or by fax because of the price, not only do We lose, but so

does the Customer. I know we can serve You better with our service and

product, It is because of our knowledge and We care. We want you to send Us

your project or ideas. We will be fair and will work very hard proving that to

You. We have the econo-line product for sale also, if that is what Your looking

for just tell Us because We will give You the top of the line product item when We

give You a quote.  " If Price Is The only Issue , Then Quality Does not Matter ! "

Thank You for visiting our Website.